Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure

 Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure manufacturer and supplier
  •  Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure manufacturer and supplier

Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure manufacturer and supplier


Description of this Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure




Tower structures: 10 years


Return Period

50 Years


Production time

Usually Ex-work production time is about 1 month after PO and deposit.

Design time should be separately if it is necessary



We are very close to the biggest port in the world which is our advantage for sea transportation.



Design-lofting to prepare the shop drawings/manufacturing cards-raw material procurement-sample tower for prototype assembly test-mass production-hot-dip galvanization-packing-pre-shipment inspection-container loading-shipment.


Quality Control

Follow ISO 9001 system and strictly QC inspection for raw material, prototype assembly test, galvanization test and pre-shipment inspection for the both quantity and quality

We treat the quality first and 100% inspection ratio.



We have rich experiences to apply the VOC/PVOC/SONCAP?CTN/ECTN/BSC certificates if any specified by clients/Customs worldwide.




Detailed Specification and Major design Parameters


Design Code

1. Chinese National Standard:

a. DL/T 5154-2002 Technical Regulation of Design For Tower and Pole Structures of Overhead Transmission Line

b. DL/T 5219-2005 Technical Regulation for Designing Foundation of Overhead Transmission Line

2. American Standard:

a. ASCE 10-97-2000 Design of Latticed Steel Transmission Structures

b. ACI 318-02 Building Code Requirement for Structure Concrete


Design Software

1. PLS and MS Tower

2. SAP2000

3. AutoCAD, STW, TWsolid, SLCAD etc


Design Loading

As per requirement and specification by Clients worldwide.


Load test/destructive test

We can arrange it by Government authority if it is necessary and the cost of such kind of test is separately from the tower pricing.



33KV, 66/69KV, 110KV, 220KV/230KV, 330KV, 380/400KV, 500KV, 750KV, 800KV, 1000KV Transmission Line


Hot-dip galvanization

ISO 1461-2009, ASTM A123


Steel Grade

1. High strength low alloy structural steel: Q420B which is equivalent with ASTM Gr60

2. High strength low alloy structural steels: Q345B which is equivalent with ASTM Gr50 or S355JR

3. Carbon Structural Steel: Q235B which is equivalent with ASTM A36 or S235JR


Bolts and Nuts

Mainly ISO 898 grade 6.8 and 8.8 bolts for Both Chinese,ISO and DIN standard



Usually Raft and Column & Pad foundation as per soil test and specified requirement by clients


Tower Type

1. 4 Leg Self-supported Angular Towers

2. 4 Leg Self-supported Tubular Towers

3. Guyed Mast

4. Monopole Tower


Tower Type

1. Suspension Tower

2. Tension Tower

3. Dead Tower

4. Substation Structure


Our Factory  of this  Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure

Ningbo HY Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a leading professional exporter in the field of steel structure industry especially steel towers and related products which include power towers and substation structures, telecommunication towers and related products of telecom sites, street light poles and so on.

As we are professional global supplier who have been exporting more than 65 countries in the world, we have been trying to focus on the comprehensive solutions like provides all related products and engineering services as client's requirement, for example from engineering consultant, design services, drawing services, manufacturing, transportation, supervision and even installation construction & maintenance services.

We sincerely hope to intensify co-operation with friends from all circles for the business development, and also sincerely hope to join hands with you to meet the splendid 21st century.

Introduction: What is GTE?
ISO 9001:2008 certificated factory with registered capital CNY 200 Million and 23 years history; 

A leading manufacturer and exporter in the field of steel structure , steel towers and accessories who has been exported products to more than 65 countries;

A professional global provider focusing on comprehensive solutions including products manufacturing, engineering consultant, drawing designing, logistics transportation, technical supervision and installation construction.

Products : What can GTE supply ?
Telecommunication tower, transmission line steel tower, monopole, triangular tubular towers, guyed-mast, roof-top tower, camouflage tower; 

BTS site products like steel fence, generator, shelter, navigation light, fall arrest system, paint, canopy, generator cage, Optical Fiber cables; 

Solar products, street light pole, container house, steel structure, scaffold, prefabricated house, grid structure 

Corporate certificate


Our Service  of this Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure

Main Clients: Whom has GTE supplied the products and service to?
China Tower Cooperation, China Grid State, IHS, Trelec, Huawei, ZTE, TIGO, ZAIN, Airtel, Alcatel, Ericsson, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, CITCC, CCC, MEPE, CMPAK, Dialog, Huntel, Suntel, MTN , Reliance, Telefonica, Claro, Vodacom, ATC

Advantages: Why choose GTE?
Honesty is GTE’s best policy; 
Mutual benefit and long term cooperation is GTE’s goal; 
Competitive pricing based on own world first class design is GTE’s unique advantage ;
Strict quality control and punctual shipment schedule is GTE’s basic guarantee;

FAQ   of this  Transmission Supporting Substation Steel Structure

  1. What’s the design code are you adopt?

Answer: Usually we adopt TIA/EIA-222G code, however European standard also practice. We offer world-class high level tower structure design which have cost effective solution for both tower structure and foundation construction too.

  1. What’s the design software are you using?

Answer:MSTower, SAP2000, PLS

  1. What’s the drawing software?

Answer: AutoCAD, STW, TWsolid, SLCAD etc

  1. Are you manufacturer?

Answer: Yes, we are steel tower manufacturer and solution provider as well, and we have world class in-house hot-dip galvanization plant, and follow ISO 1461 standard mainly, however ASTM also possible for us.

  1. What kind of bolts and nuts are you supply?

Answer: Usually ISO 898 grade 6.8 and 8.8 Bolts for steel tower structure.

  1. What kind of steel you are using?

Answer: Usually we use middle steel Q235B and high tensile steel Q345B and Q420B for steel towers.

  1. Warranty years and life time of steel towers?

Answer: The warranty year is 2 years and lifetime of steel towers is 30 years.

  1. What’s the minimum order quantity would be?

Answer: Minimum order quantity is 1 tower or 1xfull container.

  1. What’s the production lead time?

Answer: Usually it will take 1 month for the manufacturing after the PO and down payment.

  1. Are you close to the sea port?

Answer: Yes, we are near to the one of the biggest port in the world and it’s the one of our advantage to export the cargos worldwide.

  1. How to control the quality?

Answer: We are ISO 9001 qualified since 1998 and treat quality first as our strategy, we do everything which include checking the manufacturing cards, do prototype assembly and counting the each steel members carefully before the shipment and so on, so that we can avoid possible mistake in Client’s side.

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